How Much Do You Know?

Test Your Knowledge


1. What country has the biggest Muslim population today?

a) Egypt

b) India

c) Pakistan

d) Indonesia

2. Rank which languages below are the top three most spoken languages in the world today:

a) English

b) Hindi

c) Arabic

d) Chinese

e) Portuguese

f) Spanish

3. All Muslims speak Arabic. True or False?

4.  Which religious group has the largest number of followers today?

a) Muslims

b) Christians

c) Buddhists

5. Immigrants today account for what percentage of the U.S. population:

a) 74%

b) 38.5%

c) 13.5%

d) 6%

6. Approximately what percentage of immigrants to the U.S. are from the Middle East?

a) 38%

b) 22%

c) 13%

d) 4%

7. According to 2017 statistics from PEW Research, which three countries below represent the origin of the biggest number of immigrants to the United States: 

a. China 

b. Egypt

c. India

d. Mexico

e. Iraq

f.  Phillipines

8. Fill in the blank…

“According to Pew Research, by 2055 ______________ are projected to become the largest immigrant group to U.S.”

a. Blacks

b. Asians

c. North Africans and Middle Easterners

d. Hispanics

9. All Middle Easterners are Arabs. True or False?

10. When someone says they are Arab, they usually are referring to their:

a) Religion

b) Race

c) Their cultural/geographical origin and fluency in Arabic

11. All Muslims wear head dresses and have dark olive skin. True or False?

12. Since 9/11, 73% of terrorist attacks in the U.S. have been carried out by:

a) Islamic Extremists

b) Far-Right Extremists

13. Being Muslim means:

a) You speak Arabic

b) You practice the Islamic Faith

c) You are from the Middle East